Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Saturday, February 28, 2009. 11:44am.

Envelope #67

Hi may name is Lourie I'm a supervisor @ wholefoods market where we found the loose change it's been in the lock box for over a month so i finally open it to see whom it may belong to and to find a letter inside that said.
Congratulation!  You have been selected to loose change the world. So I just want to Thank You for your donation I put it toward the Whole Planet Foundation. There email address is wholeplanetfoundation.org.


MM said...
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MM said...

I just discovered your site from an IMMD post I read on another web site and I love the idea! I'm going to start doing this here in Okinawa Japan too. I just wanted you to know that your class project has literally reached across the world and will continue to grow! =o)

MM said...

Sorry it’s just me again. =oP Now that I have read every post on your site, I wanted to comment again and point out the significance of the date I am posting my comments; here in Japan it is September 11th. I am living here as a civilian dependent because my spouse works for the US Dept. of Defense in support of the American military men and women. Thank you for your good works! God bless America and all of you!

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